Memoirs of A Jr Dev – Stuck

We have come upon the moment where I am overwhelmed and don’t have a solution. Which is scary and odd for me.
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I am still in Bootcamp, I have an awesome freaking job, I have a passion for coding and yet I often feel like I wonder if I am ever going to get good at this. Am I even smart enough to engineer software, I should have KNOWN that function was out of scope, I should have KNOWN that I didn’t define that variable so DUH error…. and many other self deprecating, self annihilating silent(but LOUD) messages that come into my brain.
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This weekend, in an attempt to work smarter and get better at what I do, I decided it was time to go Vim and Zsh.
As I watched a very well put together webcast “Pimp Your Terminal” by Wes Bos, I was excited to have my setup as awesomely efficient as my co-workers. But then….as usual, all hell broke loose. Even with Wes’s awesome instructions, my Agnoster theme was not looking right (yes I used Powerline Fonts, yes I changed settings per Stack O suggestions in iTerm2 Preferences).
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I have realised that my job, my passion and what I admittedly love to do is to solve problems. I run into a bug, I want to solve it. I have a confounding error message, I’ll get to the bottom of it. If there is one thing I am confident about, it’s that I will find the answer come hell or high water.
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And yet, when I get on a roll or I am ready to start doing my thing, I hit a hater and it feels like this.


Normally, I always offer solutions to my challenges here on COF, but today, I am at a loss.
I can phone a friend, but…I am starting to get self conscious about having my hand held WAY too often for my taste.
I played the bass for a good 4 hours but this kid will STILL outshine me. LOL


I attempted to shut my mind down for a minute like

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Didn’t work.
So here I am, a beautiful Sunday, and a list of things to do and completely stuck. Here is my stuck list, take a gander..if you have ever run into any of these “stucks” share how you got unstuck with COF.
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-nothing works, google search not providing answers, tired of going to others for help, just once want to figure it out on your own, maybe burnt out on your passion, the state of American politics is a not so funny joke, Agnoster not rendering properly in iTerm2, work notes in Evernote are completely disorganised, Okra really is not that delicious, high heels are fun in theory.

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