Memoirs of a Jr Dev

This week was pretty exciting! Not only did I realise the stuff I’m learning is new and fun, but as I document it, I can look back on this and see that by December( that is my goal), what used to take me days to complete will be diluted to hours, maybe even ONE hour. I can’t wait!

This week I learned how to write a Decorator with Draper gem.

What is interesting about learning brand new stuff is also developing the skills to read documentation on that “stuff”. Most documentation is well written and after a few reads you are able to find the exact thing you are looking for and implement it straight away into your code. Other docs are a hot mess and will make you feel like you are reading Latin. For the most part I have only run into poor documentation a few times, and they have heard from me and others, so I won’t out them here.

I also learned the fine art of searching a huge codebase to find the correct place to use my new skills of creating a Vanity url or a Friendly url in SEO-speak.  My issue was more about a broken link, I’ll leave the SEO to the professionals.
Briefly, the task was that the wrong url was rendering in the right rail. After asking what “right rail” meant, yeah I have NO shame here at Coding Over 40, I will tell you ALL the dumb questions I ask, so you don’t have to, but you can see where I got confused ‘wrong/right’??… I spent a bunch of time researching the routes. I rake route(d) my butt off, and wondered WHY that wasn’t giving me the answer. However, since I learned from my last encounter to reach out sooner than later, I asked my boss about the path (pun intended) I was on, and was quickly alerted to the fact this wasn’t a routing error. WHEW, only wasted about 2 hours on that.

I’m Vanilla Ice, my awesome boss is the DJ

In the end, this was a great lesson for me on looking at exactly what the code is doing, locating where the problem is by putting funny things in the partial (I like to use “I LOVE TACOS!!”), and having a productive time in my local environment, putting around figuring out the puzzle.
Lastly, I learned that NPM Install takes days to complete it’s task, Grunt does not.

My challenges this week were many, which just means I am still learning by the minute. I am still struggling with processes like, too many superfluous commits causing relentless hours of rebasing, squashes and picks. I am accomplishing this repeated mistake by using the wrong git commands which result in committing ALL THE FILES (this one is my nemesis). Also, challenged a bit by the difference between all the pieces that fit together to test your changes locally before putting them on stage for your PM to test_ I think I have this down now (*pats myself on the back). And finally, challenged by some database stuff, not creating the database but the process of loading the proper database to test things out.


Let me know what challenges you faced in your first dev role. I would love to hear how you overcame them!

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