This Week In Bloc Dev Bootcamp

As I wrap up the first portion of Bootcamp and move on to the next, I feel like I need to list out the things I have learned that I didn’t know 4 months ago.

Things I Didn’t Know 4 Months Ago As A Developer

  • A lot

Things I Do Know Now As A Developer Thanks To Bloc

  • A Shit Ton (it’s a measurement, trust)

I think you get the gist. Seriously though. I went from a freelance content update manager in WordPress, with junior level coding skills in Python and JS to a full fledged App developer using Rails Architecture. This could not have transpired without the Bloc program, format and one on one mentoring. I don’t understand how they do it.

The developer community has never done me wrong. Even when I was first starting out, I would go to Meetups and have ZERO clue what I was doing and the every engineer there would not just let me sit and stare at my screen. This community, of which I am proud to be a part of, loves to talk about all things coding and enjoys helping when more junior folks get lost, frustrated, stuck and generally lose confidence. I don’t think I have ever experienced a community that dedicated.

So yes, I have a list (LONG!) of all the stuff I have learned here at Bloc, and I am happy to chat with anyone who wants to get the deets on this, but what I really want to highlight is how far I’ve come as a developer. Even when I feel as dumb as nails, (yup, I’m feeling like a dum dum this week, but it’s cool, I’ll straighten it out), I just check-in with my 2015 self, or even my 2012 self when I first started “teaching” myself to code at Codecademy, and say-“wait until you get to Spring 2016, you have a Github with a HUGE heatmap!. You can debug stuff and you sometimes don’t even know why, you aren’t afraid of the terminal anymore, and you love what you do and work on code so much all day, sometimes you forget to pee!”

So a quick note to anyone who is looking to invest in themselves and take the leap to Bloc, or a bootcamp of your choice, I say, DO IT! Do it immediately. If you hesitate you will make all sort of excuses that are a waste of time. If you love to code, if you love making the computer do what you want it to do, if you have a passion for solving problems, I can say with force, invest in yourself and learn in the most incredible way, through your community.

Happy Friday all! I’m getting back to work now.

Tell me in the comments how you invest in yourself.
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