30 days to Dream Job


So, here we are, the beginning of August and I was the ultimate procrastinator. I procrastinated tasks I didn’t like or want to do like putting on shoes, coding, making breakfast, working on side projects, you get the idea- whatever it was I was in a funk and couldn’t reach the keyboard.


Last week sometime, I decided that I was so lazy in fact that the work I was procrastinating namely creating content in the form of blog posts and applying for full time web developer roles, needed to be mashed-up and done at the same time. I was going to figure out how I could make this happen and I was going to have fun doing it.

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I was excited to set out on how to create this one step genius idea so I started reading articles at The Muse. I came across  Jennifer Dewalt’s, 180 Websites in 180 Days and I knew the answer as to how I was going to marry these two time consuming tasks. I am going to do something scary and maybe impossible, I am going to land my dream job in the next 30 days and blog about it in real-time.

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I am completely out of my comfort zone doing this but people like Jennifer inspire me, so I know I can do it! I will be open and honest with challenges, share any and all resources, tips or tricks I find with you and generally fly by the seat of my pants. This is going to be really fun and I can’t wait to hear what you all think.

PS-What is my dream job you ask??? All I know right now is that it looks something like this.




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