30 Days to Dream Job-Shark or Sharque?

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Day 26

The theme for the today is Sharks and I decided to interview my friend and genius chef Ian Wagner. I asked Ian about his advice on landing his dream job and how to be a shark. Here is what he had to say.

COF: When I decided to switch careers 3 years ago, I met with one of the best technical recruiters in the business and she had me to an exercise called 3 Lives.
If you could have 3 lives, doing whatever you wanted, what would they be? No rules

  • Celebutante, or what is it called when you are just born rich?
  • Even though I am not a great swimmer I would like to do what Jacques Cousteau did, so a marine biologist with my own camera crew
  • and I want to be the person who brings food to small businesses ~so a Private Chef.

COF: So…… sharks, no worries, or heartless man eaters?
IW: No worries!

COF: What music/or artist do u like to see live?
IW: Jagged Edge

COF: What is the single most important thing someone can do when they decide they want to land their dream job?
IW: Be positive & be patient. You need to stay positive because your energy will be noticeable when interviewing or writing cover letters. This is your dream job, so express that enthusiasm and positivity.
Patience is important because if you are truly looking for your dream job, it’s like your dream partner, you aren’t just going to marry the first person you meet. Same with your dream job.

COF: I know your 1st favorite hobby is restoring cars, what is your 2nd fave hobby?
IW: That’s easy, being a Chef. It’s a lifestyle and a hobby all in one.

COF:Forest or beach?

COF: Back to sharks. Is there a time in the dream job process that you should start acting like a shark?
IW: The Shark Thing works if you have aspirations to be at the top in a corporate role. You are either alpha or you are not. I however, got jobs because people simply knew what I could do. I was good at what I did and was accountable for any glitches.

COF:Speaking of glitches, when you make a mistake or get sideways, do you move on quickly or try and see the lesson and learn from it?
IW:Oh I definitely learn from my mistakes. I never just ignore and move on. These are actually the most valuable tools I have in becoming better at what I do.

COF:What is your favorite Food Mecca?
IW: Tangiers. It’s the meeting place of Indian, Chinese and more. The food is simple, delicious and pure.

COF: Rihanna?
IW: She’s sexy and a badass.

COF: Who is your man-crush?
IW: Elon Musk. I’m jealous that he’s that smart.

COF:Any final words of wisdom on landing a dream job?
IW: Networking is where it’s at. Often it’s who you know and not what you know.

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