The Secret About Momentum

The Secret About Momentum

As I sat here and made excuses as to why I wasn’t blogging for 19 days, I was told when discussing momentum that often what is not discussed is how to get back into your groove after losing your momentum. It’s a fun game of being super focused, losing faith, slowly losing focus, losing some more faith, falling down and then dusting yourself off and getting focused & faithed again.

For me, that is how it has been for the last few weeks as I wait patiently for what I put into motion a while back. Challenges like procrastination, the blues, exhaustion, boredom and sometimes fear often throw a wrench in my speedy running wheels, but I take a 3 Step Approach to getting back to it.

These are in no particular order.

There Is No Try, Just Do.

Many of our beloved mentors like Yoda and Nike, claim, “just do”. What does this mean? What if you don’t have the resources, money or energy to ‘just do’?
These are all great questions, however I have stopped concentrating on what I don’t do or have, into a concerted vision of all that I possess now. I am continuously grateful for what is happening currently and then I’m able to focus on more challenging things. The biggest challenge for me right now is having exorbitant amounts of faith.

Have Stupid Crazy Amounts Of Faith

When I say ‘stupid crazy’ I am referring to an intangible amount. It’s really about how much you can accept things you can’t touch or change. My journey is testing me in this area, and as I went dark after ’30 Days To Dream Job’, I realized I’d failed that test. So here I am having to take it again. I am starting by reading A.C Ping’s Faith and getting back my momentum with little more effort than lying down in the sun and reading. I wish this were an audio book though. #LAZY

Don’t Give Up, Ever

So, so, so many times I have wanted to give up and just return to my simple, easy, non challenging, boring ex- (career). I mean seriously, wtf was I thinking at my age switching to a career that I’m passionate about. …how DARE I.
Yeah, I’m crazy, but it is the most fun crazy ever, and what I’m learning and sharing here I hope is invaluable.

As I sit patiently in faith, I write down what I have accomplished today, not on what I didn’t get done.
Write a Blog Post
Gain back momentum
Have faith