I’m back! Sorry for the delay. The last 2 weeks have been full of learning! I have so much to tell you all. If I’m being honest, it’s more like I am learning something new every hour as opposed to each week. So stay tuned for tons of helpful content. […]

Memoirs of a Jr. Dev

When someone has taken a huge chance on you and has the confidence that you and only you are the right person for the job, this is both a blessing and scary thing all in one. As a blessing, it validates the fact that someone OBVI knows something you don’t […]

Memoirs of a Jr. Dev

This week was pretty exciting! Not only did I realise the stuff I’m learning is new and fun, but as I document it, I can look back on this and see that by December( that is my goal), what used to take me days to complete will be diluted to […]

Memoirs of a Jr Dev

I’m gonna like this new series. It’s going to document all the things I do, on a weekly basis at my bomb ass job. Names changed to protect the innocent. Let’s begin. I wrote my first Factory this week. And by “wrote” I mean, I copied the Factory directly above the Factory […]

Memoirs of a Jr. Dev

At the very beginning of this blogsource, I had the opportunity to reach many Gen X coders that had embarked on the same exact journey that I was on. I ran across Sandy N. of HerTechAbility when googling, “can you learn to code after 40”. Here is my interview with […]

COF Interviews HerTechAbility’s Sandy N.

If you have ever made the brave and crazy decision to switch careers because you finally figured out what you want to be when you grow up, this is for you. Career transition is hard at any age and I have always admired people who knew what they wanted to […]

Orphan Black && Baskets Explain Life

Things that have happened to Coding Over 40 in the last 2 weeks. Landed Dream Job Bloc Front End Started Warriors Made It To The Finals Had a Meltdown of Imposter Syndrome: Level: Epic Proportions So now you know what I have been up to but here is what I […]

Coding Over 40 Goes To WORK.

‘This Week In Bloc Dev Bootcamp’ series will resume in 2 weeks. In the meantime… I recently watched a PeriscopeCast that spoke about the things ambitious people give up to reach their goals and it floored me.  Mainly because I am only a recent grad of the school of ambition and […]

Is Ambition A Dirty Word?

I am feeling a whole lot today.   Usually when I am having the feels, I can’t communicate very well, except where music is involved. SO here it goes.   Feels #1 = I graduated from Bloc Rails Track and moving on to the Front End Track in 2 weeks. […]

The Feels