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Does this week sound familiar to anyone? Monday: I have so many cool puzzles to solve, I can’t wait to get to it. I am gonna be THAT genius that updates,  DRY’s up and cleans up some code to make life easier for the team,  once and for all! Tuesday: […]

Memoirs of A Jr. Dev

Apologies for going dark readers! I realised that I was writing so much about struggle, which I know you all appreciate, that I was bringing more of it to me. The exact opposite of what I was wanting. Experiencing challenges and then resolving them is great, it is helpful and […]

Memoirs of a Jr. Dev

After several posts about struggling, I finally realised what my problem is…it’s called Burnout. You may be saying to yourself, ‘well yeah, duh, everyone needs to do something other than coding all day for the last 2 years straight including weekends’, and you would be correct. I don’t know where […]

Memoirs of a Jr Dev – What is Burnout?

We have come upon the moment where I am overwhelmed and don’t have a solution. Which is scary and odd for me. I am still in Bootcamp, I have an awesome freaking job, I have a passion for coding and yet I often feel like I wonder if I am […]

Memoirs of A Jr Dev – Stuck