Memoirs of A Jr. Dev

Does this week sound familiar to anyone?

I have so many cool puzzles to solve, I can’t wait to get to it. I am gonna be THAT genius that updates,  DRY’s up and cleans up some code to make life easier for the team,  once and for all!
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Oh shit, I’m running late. I am so tired. Lemme check my emails. OMG whyyyyyyyyyy??? 16 bugs to resolve. Here I GO! *sings- gonna dig dig dig and solve this cool ass puzzle 16 times, 16 different times, 16….getting sleepy, oooo look at this pretty youtube video, oooo youtube aerobics that are fun! Do 5 minutes of aerobics with The Fitness Marshall. So distracted, I am going to take another shower, I think best in the shower.
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I am SO ready to start this week! (it’s Wednesday, in case you didn’t catch that). So much energy, where is it all coming from?! Yes team, I fixed that…one…small…eensy..bitty….problem… yer welcome? It only took me all day to find it but YAY?
Ok what’s next…ummm, can anyone translate this message for me? I literally have no clue what is going on. Am I in the right place? This isn’t a surgery theatre correct? I don’t know how to do surgery. *searches stack overflow on how to do surgery.
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I suck at this. Why did I think I could ever switch careers at my age. I literally suck at this. It feels like I just learnt this shit. Did I even learn anything? Do I know what I am doing? My nextdoor neighbour’s 3 year old that eats his boogers could code better than me. Surgery is easier than this! Being President would be easier than this. Giving birth to quintuplets would be easier than this! I give up…wait….I might have just figured it out…naw, that wasn’t it…but yay me, I just created another issue I have to fix cos I broke something while I was trying to fix the original issue. YAY ME! Types into console….sudo goddess restart kill me now
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Is it Friday?? It feels like any other day really. Gosh I hope I can get this figured out…oh wait, well that one resolved itself, oh and that one was PICNIC , 11 down 5 to go! Tick tock, tick tock. Oh here is (insert some issue) something I have seen before. You know what, I should write some code that will resolve this once and for all. OOoooo that looks good. PR, and feedback addressed and merge and buildfail. Ok, I’ll just fix some of these lint warnings and good to go, build passed…what time is it? 3pm, almost in the home stretch, lemme organise my tasks for next week and just check this email right here…….FML! urgent issue, 3:09PM Friday, must be resolved in 12 hours. So long Friday, it was nice knowing you.
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Saturday, 8:30am:
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Later That Day
*singing.…I’m playin’ bass and working on my side project, playin’ bass and working on my side project.
OH Hi side project, (*sings) gonna add this gem, and create a new feature on the dashboard, alalalalallalalala.
OMG, it worked! Wait, specs, green, fireup the localhost, working, code, looks good, all in the right places. OMG OMG OMG, I DO know what I am doing.
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Finally I get to just lay here in bed and read this book. Then I am going to get up and slam a bunch of Halt and Catch Fire. Then I am gonna take a walk on the beach and to the park with the doggie. Maybe I’ll go to the farmer’s market and pick up some kale snax and quinoa.
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So many puzzles to solve!
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