Memoirs of a Jr. Dev

Apologies for going dark readers!

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I realised that I was writing so much about struggle, which I know you all appreciate, that I was bringing more of it to me. The exact opposite of what I was wanting.
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Experiencing challenges and then resolving them is great, it is helpful and makes us feel not so alone. However, I had to take a step back, a break if you will, because this blog became only about posting every single struggle I had, and it for reals was just bringing me more struggle.
That is never what I wanted this blog to be about solely.
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Moving on.

Something I love about my job is that I am really learning the meaning of true teamwork. I’m talking about the real teamwork, no strings attached kind.
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This week, we had an urgent issue come up for a client. From the outside looking in, one would think, ok, give this to one of our Sr. Engineer geniuses, they’ll fix it in 30 minutes and we can move on. However, that isn’t what happened. It was assigned to me.
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Then the amazingness of teamwork happened. One of our awesome systems people worked with me to find out how to fix this. Then I went to the Solutions Manager, who deals directly with the client and knows the ins and outs, and pretty much everything about the functionality of how the urgent issue arose and lastly, we all worked together to resolve the problem.
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Do you see what happened here? The problem wasn’t fixed because I magically coded something, or systems did some juju, or the SM bought time with the client. This problem was solved because we all worked symbiotically to resolve the issue.
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This is what I love about this job, this is what I will focus on so I can bring more of it to me.
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Something else I love about my job is the massive amount of trial by fire learning I get. I will focus a lot on those things in upcoming posts. Stay tuned! And as always, thanks so much for your comments and support.

PS-I am not a new year resolution person, mainly cos I set goals and resolutions all year long. I want to share with you some apps that I have been using that are getting me back on track. Try one or all, but don’t overwhelm yourself. These apps are here to make life better, not give you more crap to do!

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