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After several posts about struggling, I finally realised what my problem is…it’s called Burnout.
You may be saying to yourself, ‘well yeah, duh, everyone needs to do something other than coding all day for the last 2 years straight including weekends’, and you would be correct.
I don’t know where I fall on the Personality Test scale for obsessive behaviour, but when I find something I love to do, a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, or a song that gives me the feels….I sort of saturate myself with it. When really I should probably just read a damn book and chill.
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While I was ruminating over HOW in the HELL I got burnt out on what I love to do, that inner voice of mine kept saying, do my SHEroes and Heros get burnt out ever?
Does Beyonce ever get tired of being Beyonce?
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Does Branson ever say, yeah I’m sick of being a humanitarian, entrepreneur and this island office is boooooring?
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Did Wonder Woman think that in her next life she’d just rather be short and stay away from bustier bathing suits?
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Yes, I did a lot of contemplating and what I concluded was that, no matter how much you love something, you need to take your space from it.
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It’s a really shitty feeling, burning out. It’s like when you break up with someone because you think you should only to realise you just needed space, then tell them your theory, but they have moved on.
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I don’t WANT you to move on coding! I want you to stay right there while I play the bass and read a book and browse Thrift Town and do Qigong- Just stay right there and be your cute self and I will get right back to you.
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Have you ever burnt out on something you love to do? Have you ever burnt out on someone you love? Tell COF your story in the comments and how you conquered your burnout.

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5 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Jr Dev – What is Burnout?

  • DGCooper

    The lesson I’m learning is I can be healthy with myself (esp when I’m striking out on my own) and learn to channel my hardcore behavior in a healthy way, which means recognizing my distractions should actually part of my lifestyle.

    I’m in the thick of a career change which means reminding myself I need to stop and get away from my screen because I am also obsessive about code practice and redirecting my skillsets. AND that includes reading about the industry, thought leaders, and anything related to tech. I’ve hit days where I can’t think about creating content or hustling even though I need to because I’m working my own gig. I feel a form of burnout. I realize I have to switch off so I can let my brain breathe and get perspective, which then helps me be more creative. Right now for me, that means getting out of the city and explore or seeing friends that I haven’t seen in ages.

    I also remind myself, when I was working nonstop through weekdays and weekdays at a corporate job that was unfulfilling, I wanted to change my gig. So when it comes to time, the realization is, it’s me. I can be obsessive no matter what I’m doing whether trying to make good out of an unfulfilling demanding job or striking out on my own.

    Most importantly, my doggie Cooper from Muttville is the cure all (as any doggie is) from breaking through burnout, he interrupts my ridiculous amount of screen time for good beach play.

  • Wendy Saccuzzo

    Hi! Great points and you’re on the right track about playing base and meandering through Thrift Town- get out there and do what you love, aside from coding. Take time off for yourself and your brain to recharge, and you’ll get the brain break you need to hit the ground running again. But you have to do this regularly, because if you keep on keepin’ on and never recharge on the regular, burnout may persevere and destroy your drive. Sending positive vibes your way and enjoy that You Time.

    • Patricia Post author

      For clarification, I think I am mostly burnt out on the way I deal with burnout. That is truly the issue here. It’s like the old saying goes, the first step is recognising you have a problem.
      Thanks for the tips and tricks….I got this. Reading ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ right now, birthday gift from life coach, it’s a keeper.

  • Cheryl Marquez

    I burned out a few years ago, working night and day to exhaustion to prepare for a tech conference. This is when I realized, you have to have non-tech hobbies to recharge your mind and body, it took a couple years to find hobbies, meanwhile enjoying the journey. Whether it’s working out, reading, dancing, yoga, coloring, or playing an instrument, you should have something where you can lose track of time and not THINK so hard. Something that allows you to be 100% in the moment, not obsessing over anything else. When you’re in the moment, you’re able to get back to the flow, this often makes it easier to find answers to whatever programming problems have been on your mind during the workday.

    I often figure out solutions when I’m in the shower, walking the dog or driving. Then I create an audio note to record the thought, then go back to enjoying the present moment. Hope you find a way to recharge daily.