Struggles and Solutions

When I started blogging here at COF, I literally had nothing to talk about except my struggles, challenges complaints-whatever you want to call everyday life when you are changing careers, looking for work and attending bootcamp all at the same time.

I was told 2 things by someone very important to me:
1.) Write about whatever, it’s not like you have a million followers, no one is watching….yet.
2.) People don’t mind hearing about your struggles but you MUST explain to them how you overcame them. If you don’t blog about how you overcame the struggle what’s the point?

This last week was a struggle both personally and professionally. I won’t go into the personal issues except to say:
Challenge: IRS
How I Overcame Struggle: (mantra) Ommmmmmmm -When I am done paying you more $$ than I ever have had to pay you in the year I made less $$ than I ever have, it will feel GREAT, and I will work on that Federal Bill to disband the fucking IRS, (or move to a less money extortionist country).

I started the week off great! I had found 3 bugs and code was in place and I was getting ready to test. Just a reminder, I did NOT do this all by my lonesome…yet, but I WAS really proud of myself when I reached out for help and one of my awesome co-workers pointed out the bug, the same bug I found before I asked for help! YAY ME! learnin’

then…..the feces hit the wind generator.

Error messages galore. I mean literally…everything that could go wrong did. Has this ever happened to you?
Let’s organise this out.
Challenge: Nothing works locally.


How I Overcame Struggle: Google for about a quarter of an hour, ask pals, run commands and read error messages and google those, post in Slack channel and find out that you are not alone. Breath a sigh of relief and work on fix.
Here’s the thing….I have run into a lot of issues when working on broken code, specifically when just trying to get my local environment to cooperate so I can test my “fix”.  When this happens to me, I ALWAYS say to myself, there has to be a better way to do this!! I don’t have the chops yet to start writing scripts, and fixes for these things but I work with people who do! So, I watch, and I learn.

Challenge: Circles

How I Overcame Struggle: I know it’s hard for some people to do, but I will continuously overcome this challenge by reaching out to someone and asking for help. The circles I was running into were special snowflakes. EX: how do you fix a bug when you and 2 other devs have not been able to reproduce the error, yet, the error still exists for the client
EX: found the bug, nope that’s the side effect bug, found the bu…nevermind, where’s the bug?
EX: The mime type is right, so why is it opening with the wrong extension, oh because something is wanky with IE, but it’s super cliche to blame everything on IE, but really it truly is IE this time! I think.

SO yeah, this week was yuck, and I basically did  a lot of beating myself up, feeling like a failure, chain smoking and neglecting the dog and my health cos I was so stressed. How did I overcome the bad week?? Every morning, before my feet hit the ground I said this:
I am so very grateful for my awesome life.
I am so very grateful for all the love I have in my life
I am so very grateful that I am in my dream career
I am so very grateful that I have the money to have delicious healthy food
I am so very grateful for all the people that have supported me over the years in my journey
I am so very grateful at how far I’ve come.

EVERY morning this week….and you know what…it sort of worked….

Let me know in the comments if you ever had weeks like this and what you did to shake it off. ALSO, if ANYONE knows how to make my local environment cooperate instead of giving me shade every step of the way, please send me an email or comment here with any helpful resources.

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