Memoirs of a Jr. Dev

I’m back! Sorry for the delay.
The last 2 weeks have been full of learning! I have so much to tell you all. If I’m being honest, it’s more like I am learning something new every hour as opposed to each week. So stay tuned for tons of helpful content.

I sometimes like to make fun of a thing called vim mainly because it’s fun to be self deprecating and because of this.

*hint…..the things about vim that are important AND in this order.
1.) command line $vim <your_awesome_file>
2.) don’t freak out at the interface that pops up
3.) don’t type anything but the letter i, you are now in INSERT mode.
4.) type <your_awsome_code>
5.) don’t freak out!
6.) hit esc
7.) DON’T FREAK OUT!! type :wq or :q
Annnnd YOU just learned how to insert script/code and exit vim without having to read through all the posts on how to close vim, complete with folks laughing and laughing and laughing while giving you wrong directions just to see you sweat. I appreciate being geek punk’d , I really do.

So why vim?? My fantastic co-worker told me, “so you don’t have to keep switching between the editor and console.” WAIT, but isn’t that what monitors are for and why my home office looks like NASA with many many monitors.

A girl can wish right?

I give it about 6 more months until I have my perfect working environment set up. I think I’ll most likely start by replacing my kitchen table as my desk with a standing/sitting desk. And then I’m gonna life hack the monitor situation by using old flat screen tvs for left and right hand monitors.

I also had the pleasure in the last few weeks of putting ‘resolved” on a few tickets. I can’t really explain how good that feels. Sort of like….



Lastly, I learned something that I SINCERELY need to work more on, slowing the fuck down.
Coming from 8 years in Administration and Operations and Project Management, it has been second nature that when given a task, it needs to be done quickly. Mistakes will be made, but an administrative mistake will in worst case scenario, cause a delay in what needs to be done. A coding mistake, when rushing, will take someone’s damn site down, delete your database, break everything and someone might die. Well not that last part but you feel me.
Software Engineering is like the exact opposite mind set of an administrator. Don’t get me wrong, I work on customer support tickets, these things do need to be done fairly quickly, but here’s what I learned. If you are so busy trying to do something quickly that you literally forget programming 101 (WRAP YOUR DAMN RUBY IN A BLOCK PATRICIA!), ummm, yeah, that does no one any good. I spent a great amount of time with an error that I was baffled on, because DUH, there wasn’t any actual code there- no end in sight/site <-see what I did there?
Slowing down, thinking like a programmer and breaking even the simplest (to some) tasks into smaller ones is my new mantra.

Off the top of my head, these are the things that I learnt this week that stuck with me.
Let me know in the comments about your funny experiences with vim, how you feel when you have helped a customer or client with a bugfix or change request, and what your mantra is as a Software Engineer.

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