Memoirs of a Jr. Dev

I’m gonna like this new series. It’s going to document all the things I do, on a weekly basis at my bomb ass job.
Names changed to protect the innocent.
Let’s begin.
I wrote my first Factory this week. And by “wrote” I mean, I copied the Factory directly above the Factory I was going to write then set to customise.

How did I do this?? Well, my mission was to write some specs for some existing code. I wrote one test at a time, like a good engineer should and then started to write a ‘let‘ statement. When I ran that spec it returned an error. OOOOO my favorite. Sincerely, writing specs and getting them to pass is one of my favourite things to do.

When I saw the error “factory not registered” I was like WHA?? I had never seen that error before. Thank goodness for Stack O. As I googled around the error I found out that yes, in fact I was trying to use a FactoryGirl factory that apparently did not exist.

So I wrote one. I put in the pieces that I was looking to work within the existing Factory that I had copied from above and BAM, all specs turned green.  If only everything were this easy. OH, and by easy I mean it took me about 6 hours to write 3 tests and get them to pass. Yes, this IS the life of an Engineer so it really is important that you like to fix things that are broken.

Next I learned how to kill all the dead branches, commits and PR‘s on Bitbucket. By dead branches and commits I mean MY dead branches and commits. I feel for my co-workers, I really do. The amount of newb process errors they put up with should garner them all some sort of free vacation? yacht? million dollar bonuses? I don’t know, I just know that one day, one day soon when I am no longer new, I hope to have the patience and scruples they do when they have to look at all the muck the new girl created.

Since I had never done this before, and I had never used Bitbucket, it was a matter of asking someone. Hey….I have 6 branches in 2 projects that all need to DIE, what do I do? For reference, it’s literally a click of a button and choosing delete. But you know how it is, or you may REMEMBER how it was when you were new~you were literally afraid to turn on a light switch for fear it would blow up the planet, so clicking on random buttons in a version control tool was spooky. Anyway, it really is that easy.
As far as killing PR’s, (say because when you created the PR, it added every file to your PR that has ever been logged since 1890), it too is also simple. Just hit decline, then edit appropriately and PR your way to victory.

Lastly, and this one is very important. I learnt that, everything is new, no matter how many things you did in bootcamp projects or personal projects, every single thing you will see as a Jr Dev in a codebase is brand spanking new. DO NOT GET OVERWHELMED! Focus, ask questions, google the hell out of stuff, when you can’t find the answer there, ask more questions and finally, if all else fails, Slack one of your awesome co-workers or boss and say “I’m stuck.”
To your surprise, not only will they help you get un-stuck, but they have built-in mentor brains that want to make you better at what you do.

Biggest Challenge this week? I am really over being new, I can’t wait until the daily process becomes second hat to me because right now, after spending 85% of my time doing things no one can teach you at school(process) and the rest writing about 10 lines of code total, I am super over being new.

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