Coding Over 40 Goes To WORK.

Things that have happened to Coding Over 40 in the last 2 weeks.

Landed Dream Job

Bloc Front End Started

Warriors Made It To The Finals

Had a Meltdown of Imposter Syndrome: Level: Epic Proportions

So now you know what I have been up to but here is what I want to focus on in this post~




I talk a lot about mentors and how your first step is finding a mentor or a life coach or whatever you want to call that person you Google Chat at 1am when you woke up dreaming about codebases and doubly linked lists.

I got a little lost in one of my first tasks at new dream job and reached out for help. Because I work with a group of humans that actually care, I got a great list of resources that I want to share with you. As always, I will use the platform of humour to illustrate how I went from meltdown to personal crowntown <- I just made that up, yer welcome.

When you have spelling errors in your mkdir cos you can’t slow down.
checkout:Confident Ruby

When you start day three and you’re like WHAT.DO.I.DO.FIRST.HELP?
checkout: The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide to Ruby

When someone understands both your love of food && your love for coding.
checkout: Ruby Tapas

Lastly, this gem <-I see it, punny-> for when your CRUD Rspec experience isn’t helping anything.
checkout: Everyday Rails:Testing with Rspec

I can’t wait until I am able to fix all the tickets.

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