This Week In Bloc Dev Bootcamp

I’m having writer’s block about what to write about today with regards to my week and coding with BLOC.

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Which is HILARIOUS since this web series is called “This Week In Bloc Dev Bootcamp”.

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I’m overwhelmed, which doesn’t often happen to me and when it does I just ignore it.

I did finish my Idris Elba app (aka Blocitoff). It’s a basic To-Do app with self destructing items.

Cute ^^^^ right?

It’s cool and I celebrated by eating an entire bag of Skittles, I’m hypoglycemic so that wasn’t the best idea.

SO I tried to “kill” the sugar overdose with Vodka/Pineapples. That didn’t work.

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Then I decided to prep for a technical interview at the end of the month, and study up on BigO Notation.
If only…

After all this, I realised, I’ve completed and entire project in RoR, I cleaned up my Rspec’s so my outdated tests don’t throw anymore errors, and I am THIS close to getting these last 3 features coded and moving the eff on!

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So, in case you didn’t catch it~when I have writers BLOC <- see what I did there?, feel overwhelmed and have vodka and skittles for dinner, I cure myself with humour, self disclosure, and searching for funny gifs that make me feel better. There is always next week.

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