This Week In Bloc Dev Bootcamp

When I first started Bloc, one of the Blocstars told me a story about a kid who had gone through the foundations(50 checkponts/50 Assignments) in record time and was asking for more. This included all 6 projects, and ALL of those crazy Codewars algorithms. It was like a game to him, or at least, in his wheelhouse and not bootcamp-y at all.

I wanted to be that kid and my Blocstar advisor gleaned this from me, and said, ‘let me tell you more about “James”’ <-not his real name.
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As the advisor discussed James’ prowess, ingenuity, passion and drive, I wasn’t discouraged, I wasn’t scared thinking “oh, I’ll never be THAT guy”, instead, I was inspired. I was thrilled at the challenge and competitive drive to beat this James character at his game.
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As I struggled through this last month of Bloc, because after all, they don’t call it Bootcamp for nothing, I thought of James. “Screw you James and your engineering, genius hacker, slightly autistic brain, how dare you think this stuff is easy and who are YOU to get through ‘Foundations’ in record time”.
After I said that, it was done. I no longer was angry at myself, or James for the challenges I’ve faced, the struggles and the stuck points, I embrace them.

I learned something super valuable as a student at Bloc. I learned there is no shame in going back and reviewing concepts that currently allude me “NoMethod for user_id” I’m talking to you!
What I learned is that reviewing previous checkpoints and assignments and updating outdated Rspec’s is actually just a “program reinforcement”.
I’ve had many an A-Ha moment while reviewing Checkpoints 42-45. Partials and Polymorphic Associations, Active Record Callbacks and Factories and it doesn’t hurt that the Rails Slack Channel for Bloc is full of awesome people that want to help you out.

wocintech (microsoft) - 57

So take-aways for April are:
  • Review is Reinforcement, do it, even if it doesn’t seem necessary.
  • James, I’m coming for you.

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