This Week In Bloc Dev Bootcamp

As I post this, a day late because I was really affected by the untimely death of another musical genius, I watched a video snippet of Van Jones breaking down hearing the news of his dear friend Prince passing away. What I didn’t know, as I teared up and watched Van cry and say he was not ok, was that Prince was a huge fan of technology, specifically making sure that POC were included in technology.
I found out, that due to the fact he was a Jehovah’s Witness he wasn’t allowed to speak of his good deeds, BUT let me tell you, he did more for POC in tech than you can imagine.
I want to remind everyone, and myself, that worrying about the future, doing something you are not passionate about everyday for a paycheck and spending your days in anything but a state of love, is a waste of time. Simple and pure. I saw Prince for the first and last time last month in Oakland at one of the shows Van is talking about. I can’t believe I got to see him and I knew it was something special. But like a true human being, I thought it was all for me, the uber fan, I was special cos I received an invite to a midnight concert. Little did I know…



I’ll just leave this here.

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