This Week In Bloc Dev Bootcamp

The theme for this week was definitely, “bring me your broken app, red Rspec’s, redirect error messages and strange ‘undefined method for Nil Class’ and I will fix them”


The cool thing about being a programmer is that almost every error your code throws, is described to you in the error message. Who does that?! Like for example, if you were a surgeon, it’s not like the game Operation where your patient will “buzz” if you cut into something wrong, or clamp a nerve or whatever.


My errors were easy peasy to fix because I was given clues as to exactly what was broken and where, and I could debug with a quick Stack Overflow search.


What I learned was that the 13 year old me, who inadvertently took the family Intellivision machine apart to “fix” it, is that same 40 something me who loves to break shit and then put it back together. *note to my brothers Teddy and Larry, I DID NOT, I repeat, did not, break the Intellivision, I just wanted to beat you at baseball and thought if I took the machine apart I could fix that little problem.


But here is the golden ticket: What I have learned at Bloc in the last 4 months is invaluable to me. I have always had a passion for this, I LOVE to program, build apps, write code and I have even begun to like Codewars, thanks to my Python mentor Albert Vo, but I was unable to move past a few WordPress websites, a couple of follow along Angular Meetups and Javascript webinars on Bloc has made me the type of programmer that will be an asset to a fun and challenging, cutting edge role at any organisation, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I am literally India Arie Jones!


Let me know in the comments how powerful the art of debugging is, and if you are a software engineer, tell me how much of your day is spent fixing broken shit as opposed to “engineering”.

If you are enjoying my journey at Bloc, please consider donating to help me finish paying my tuition at Generosity. Thank you in advance!

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