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After last weeks “failure-share” <- I just made that up, hashtag it-> I figured I wanted to write about things I love. Like tacos, tween TV, dystopian novel series (not the ones you think), music and repeatedly making mistakes that I learn from.
About that last one.

I realised I am really great at learning from my coding mistakes. For example, as I am ajaxifying my code, with dollar signs and js renders, and escape_javascript’s, I know what it does cos the code is correct. KEWL


AJAXified One-Page Application with Rails
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When I am updating my TDD environment, and my tests all turn green the first time round, (HA! like that ever happens), I know what the tests are doing and why they passed.  Yippee!


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Problem is, how am I learning anything when everything goes as planned?



It’s great to expect that in my day job as a Full Stack Front End Developer that I would sit and write beautiful code, deploy new features at breakneck speed, debug in 30 seconds or less, work with a clean and perfect database that never breaks anything et al, but the real story, I suspect will be different, and I am excited about that. No, really I am obsessively excited about this challenge.


via @howzyerteeth

The reason I am excited is because I loathe being bored and I love figuring out puzzles. When you take a challenge by the balls and figure it out all by yourself (or with hints from fantastic mentors), the feeling is fantastic. But, what is more important than the feeling is knowing that if you run into this issue again, you have repeatedly figured it out and so you actually CAN fix it pretty quickly and correctly.



This is what I have been learning this week at Bloc and this is why I am happy that I slowed my roll and this incessant need for urgency and simply embraced all my coding mistakes, my logic flaws, my failed Rspecs and ultimately how in just under a week, I now feel like I’m back in the saddle.



Last week was a hot mess, but as a wise person told me, “Whether bootcamp takes 3 months or 6 months to wrap up, you’re still going to be a developer 10 years from now, and the time it took this year won’t matter.”
~couldn’t have said it better myself.

Let me know in the comments if you are a “learner by effing up”.

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