This Week In Bloc Dev Bootcamp

This week I was in a learning frenzy, or what I will call a “remember what you learned frenzy”



My memory is fine really, but what really helps is the format in which Bloc teaches the concepts of programming.
If you have been reading this blog you will remember that at the beginning I was really confused as to how I was going to learn new concepts via the platform Bloc was using. About 2 weeks in, I got my sea legs and had an A-HA moment.


The moment came when I knew that Bloc KNEW what it was doing and we were on the same page. I’ve been saying it for years, but I will reiterate it now. You can teach yourself to code pretty easily and mostly for free. However, if you are not using what you have taught yourself on a daily basis, just like French, or Latin or playing guitar, it will elude you.


The most logical solution to using your newly learned programming skills is to get a job DOING what you learned , but sometimes this doesn’t happen right away. So I keep my skills fresh and well oiled by attending hackathons, doing freelance gigs and talking through my code with other engineers.
I also took a walk down memory lane in Bloc foundations (Checkpoints 30-33, all about CRUD) to refresh my muscle memory on these concepts.


As I revisited past concepts I realised that I really do know what I am doing and not only that, this stuff makes sense!

So wherever you are in your trajectory of the learning curve, know this:

  • It will all make sense sooner than you think
  • Trust the process
  • Everyone programmer Googles and Stack Overflows when they get stuck, EVERY ONE.
  • Ask the right questions
  • Be grateful when people have the faith in you to not give you the answer, but guide you in the right direction.Let me know if you have questions about the Bloc Program in the comments, I am happy to answer and evangelize for the best decision I ever made.

    As always, if you like what you read here, consider a donation to help me fund BootCamp with my Generosity campaign.

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