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Let’s talk about the importance of accomplishments. Every night, I write down 3 accomplishments for the day in Google Calendar. Even though I prefer the pen and pad, I’m old skool that way, writing it down in my calendar makes it part of my daily tasks and keeps me on point with regards to confidence building and keeping up momentum.


Here are my accomplishments for the week of 2/22-2/26.

1.) Treated myself to New Clothes
2.) Researched orgs I want to work for in Seattle and Austin
3.) Rested my body


1.) Went to Dr’s Appt to take care of my health
2.) Paid the bills
3.) Applied to a fantastic Front End Engineer role in Berkeley


1.) Helped neighbour nav his SEO for his website
2.) Learned How to add authorizations to a web app in Bloc
3.) Finished 2 Codewars logic problems


1.) added Include RandomData when specs weren’t passing
2.) Reached out to volunteer at Women Over 50 in Marin
3.) Got through 3 Bloc Checkpoints and Assignments all by myself!


1.) Wrote a Blog Post
2.) Applied to 2 fantastic jobs
3.) Networked with Visa Engineer

If you look closely at these accomplishments, they aren’t quite what I would call “world saving” but as I look through them at the end of the week, I can’t help but feel that I did a TON of stuff, and I am proud.


Learning to code has empowered me. I have always been proud of my formal education in science because DUH, women don’t do science <-sarcasm font, and I broke the hell out of that stereotype. What really gets me strong and feeling empowered though is writing code, and coding algorithms all by myself. I know this seems like newbie stuff to software engineers but it was a huge obstacle for me and I OWN the book Cracking the Coding Interview. This book is fantastic but intimidating and it’s written by an ex Google/Facebook/Salesforce etc recruiter on how to whiteboard algorithms when interviewing for engineering roles.

via the TV show Silicon Valley

Bloc Concepts I Learned This Week

Remember when I used to freak out when my rspecs didn’t pass? Well this week I had 13, unlucky number 13, specs not passing that involved random data I had dropped to my database, only, I didn’t drop it because I forgot to include it. I ended up figuring it out all by myself by finding where I hadn’t written include RandomData and those unlucky 13 turned into lucky 13 passing tests.


Mass Assignment looks to me like it is going to be the difference in me being a coder and being an awesome DRY and fast coder. In a nutshell, Mass Assignment allows you to take repetitive attribute statements and condense them into one or two lines to be re-usable. Do you SEE how this is going to be my new superpower?

My 20+ years of Admin Experience actually works for me. This week I worked a lot with the concept of Scope in Ruby and the database. If you were ever good at Excel or Access spreadsheets in a lifetime career as an administrative assistant as I was in my previous life, you will most likely absorb the concept of scope and it’s compatriots like a sponge. The idea of scope is to understand the relationship when executing common queries to the database and their associations. I liken it to creating huge financial spreadsheets for quarterly reporting to the man in corporate only with WAY more fun data.

Syntactic Sugar is a thing. Some people love it, and others think it pollutes the waters of coding. When you are coding syntactic sugar, you are making your code “sweeter” to read to humans. It implies that you can take 3 lines of code and turn it into 3 characters of the english language (very rough interp), and your code will do the same thing. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! What I did learn with regards to Syntactic Sugar is, be really careful that you aren’t turning your code into something “clever” that no one can read and your fellow engineers will spend hours on Stack Overflow trying to figure out what the hell you were trying to accomplish.


Lastly, Bloc sent me another timely article on the Imposter Syndrome, as that little fu*#%#er keeps rearing it’s ugly head.


Let me know how you use Mass Assignment and your feelings on Syntactic Sugar in the comments, or on Twitter @codingover40. Have an awesome weekend geeks!





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