This Week In Bloc Dev Bootcamp

It’s that time again AND it’s Friday!! Happy Friday geeks!



This week, I spent a huge chunk of time learning some complex and often used concepts in RoR.
At first I struggled hard core with the fact that I was stuck and couldn’t grasp some of the concepts. I don’t know about you guys but the “old” me started surfacing and as I struggled with this particular project I started going down that rabbit hole that maybe this wasn’t for me cos I was too dumb, logically-challenged, not tech savvy, too hungry and tired to accomplish this dream. Yes, I just fully disclosed that sometimes we all have these types of days and that is ok.


So, what did I do to get out of it? Well it certainly helps that I have an awesome mentor at Bloc who does not join my self hater imposter syndrome bandwagon and reassured me that I should not have this weird sense of urgency when grasping some of these concepts. It also helped that each night, before I turn in, I practice the fine art of writing down 3 things I accomplished during the day. I do this to remind my Type A self that, nobody is perfect and DUH you got a lot done today so why are you guilt tripping yourself for spending an hour shopping online when you needed a break!?




What I Learned This Week At Bloc


There Is No Urgency, There Is No Fire

I want to qualify this. Of COURSE there is an urgency when you are in a sprint working to get a feature complete, or fixing a bug, or basically getting your live app to work, but even in those situations, the urgency does not equate to armageddon. So as I come across more complex concepts in the future, I will remember what I said here about the illusion of urgency. I’ll ask myself, ‘What is the rush?’  I should revel in the fact there isn’t one, yet and grasp the difficult concepts wholeheartedly. Because, in reality, when they come up again, I don’t want to have to go backwards because I rushed through them in the first place.

Rabbit Holes Are For Rabbits

There isn’t much to elaborate on with this. Basically, rabbit holes are a HUGE waste of time. Unless of course you are Alice In Wonderland and isn’t a rabbit hole how she got to Wonderland and almost lost her head? Yeah, all bad.

Index, New, Edit and Destroy Are All Friends

As I learn Ruby on Rails at Bloc, I am starting to understand that each part of the MVC has about 10 moving parts included and those moving parts have parts and yeah, you get the picture. I was given a word diagram to remember this but I have to say, as I watch developers who have been doing this for years, see things that aren’t there (bugs, missing syntax, Controller issues) I have come to the conclusion that I too will see things that aren’t there soon. IF you catch my drift.
In the interim, here is a cool word diagram to use to remember which parts of the MVC and CRUD are besties.

 index(has view)
 new(has view) -> create(no view)
 edit(has view) -> update(no view)
 destroy(no view)
Short and Sweet this week, and more about not getting discouraged, absolutely NO negative self talk, and Alice almost lost her head going down a rabbit hole. #NEVER FORGET

Tell me how you avoid rabbit holes and negative self talk in the comments. See you next week.

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