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I had originally had SQL on my “Nice To Learn’ list,  a.) because I knew nothing about it and b.) because I don’t “do” back end stuff. However, when it kept appearing as a requirement in even the most unrelated job descriptions, I thought I should add it to the stack and find out why it was on these job descriptions. What was so important about SQL that I needed to know?

SQL, ‘Structured Query Language’, is a programming language designed to manage and query data stored in relational databases. This data is about as important as water in the land of Mad Max. Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) are freaking cray and kudos to super data geek coders who know all that stuff.

WAIT! They understand how to query data, give them water.

Coding Over 40 Guide To SQL -Just The Facts.

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Is It Pronounced S-Q-L or ‘Sequel’?

It’s either, with most saying “ess-cue-el”.  D.D. Chamberlin, the co-developer of S-Q-L pronounces it ‘ess-cue-el’.

What is a Database Server

The Database Server is where all of your HTML/CSS and Javascript is stored. The data that comes from your website or application is here.

What Is a Web Server?

The Web Server is a tool that allows data exchange from web server to web browser on demand of the user.

What Is DBMS?

The DBMS stands for Database Management System. The DBMS can facilitate access to data, manipulate data and help data be “seen” more representationally. It is different from Relational DBMS’s in that it stores data in files rather than tables.

What is RDBMS?

The Relational portion of the acronym points to the relationship between the table and it’s data. It’s different than a DBMS in that it has a relation to its tables and the data in those tables. DBMS do not have that relationship.

WTH Is SQL, mySQL and noSQL?

As explained via Codecademy ‘The SQL language is widely used today across web frameworks and database applications. Knowing SQL gives you the freedom to explore your data, and the power to make better decisions. By learning SQL, you will also learn concepts that apply to nearly every data storage system.’

SQL works through easy, declarative statements. This helps with the security of your data, and aids in keeping data accurate. mySQL is an actual RDBMS. It is not the same thing as the language SQL.  noSQL is best explained by Firebase and handles other types of data that aren’t tables or files exclusively. Things like user data, objects and products.

Why Is This “Back-End” Stuff Important To Me? I’m A Front End Developer

As stated in the quote above SQL will give you the freedom to query data from your database in an accessible, accurate and secure way. This becomes important in the front end when you want to do stuff with your data like optimize your user experience or you want to query data from your database.

As pared down as this Guide is, make no mistake, comprehension of RDBMS’s, SQL and it’s counterparts is no one week cramming session. There is a ton of information out there and most of it is not comprehension friendly. I hope this simple and brief Guide helps you to understand the reason why some things aren’t just back end/front end anymore. Web Development moves really fast and what might not have been useful a year ago, is now a requirement. Let me know in the comments of your experiences with learning back-end tools in the front-end world.
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