How Not To Boil The Ocean-Python

Learning programming languages, all of them at once, was how I started the downward spiral into boiling the ocean. When I found the delicious world of Python via Programming for Everybody at Coursera, I realized that I had hit pay dirt and I no longer needed to seek out every Objective C, C++, Java and Ruby course out there, I had found the Holy Grail (LULZ) of programming logic.
Python does some great things when you are learning to code. It provides an “holistic” approach to learning how to program and adds a level of confidence to those dealing with imposter syndrome. Python is an Object Oriented Programming language (OOP)  like Javascript and is a gem in your stack. I refer to Python as the “holistic” programming language for 2 reasons.

Python Is Easy To Learn For Everyone, No Joke

Python takes a look at the whole picture of what we do at the end of a keyboard to make a computer do stuff. In Python there are no crazy symbols, massive curly braces or dollar signs. The most you will really need to remember is when to use a colon.

Python Is a Gateway Language.

Once you know how to use Python beyond it’s general commands, it is an incredible data manipulator. When I am checking out new coding problems and I get stuck, I use Python and it’s simple rules, to get un-stuck and it works every time. I have created email searches, an asteroids game and a sentiment analysis app all with Python.


Python Frameworks:

Frameworks are libraries that contain reusable code with specific and defined rules. Basically frameworks help you get more done in less time by not requiring hard coding from scratch each time you roll out a feature. The most popular Python Framework is Django. Knowing how to use a framework within a programming language or better yet, how to combine frameworks and template them, is a cool skill to have.

When anyone says they want to learn to code and asks, “what language should I learn first?” I will always point them to Python, you cannot go wrong.
Stay tuned, next in the series How Not To Boil The Ocean- Google Analytics


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