How Not To Boil The Ocean-ATTN:Hiring Managers!! Review My Stack.

It’s Friday, so it’s obviously time for some serious fun!

Yes, this headline is for real, I would like hiring managers to review my stack. However, what these recent posts have been about are ways that I have learned to pare down my skills to match my passions and create a unicorn stack of hybrid capabilities that any great organization would love to have on board.

Boiling The Ocean is a thing, it happens to everyone when they step out of their routine jobs and get the courage to find their dream jobs.© (putting that on a hoodie!)
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With that said, here is my stack. While compiling this I not only learned more about me and what I can do, but it built up my confidence and deleted my imposter syndrome.

Patricia E’s Stack

I hope this series has helped you out and I would love to hear how in the comments.
Stay Tuned, Up Next series: Nice To Have Technical Skills.

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