30 Days To Dream Job-Keep The Dream Alive

Applications: 3
Networking: 3
Interviews: 2

Day 30

It has been 30 days since I started this project and I am well on my way to the job of my dreams!  Although it didn’t happen in 30 days exactly I will walk you through some take aways, lessons, challenges and hacks through the project that will be helpful moving forward.

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Most Important Game Changing Moment

The biggest epiphany I had in this process was when I updated my resume. I am lucky enough to have a mentor, and if you do too, fantastic! What I learned from the resume update process is that your mentor is there to do one thing, help you achieve your goals via experience. If you hold things back from them, or neglect to tell them where you are struggling because you are embarrassed, scared or don’t understand something and stay silent, they can’t help you. Had I revealed to my mentor at the beginning of this project that I was sending the same 4 page resume to each job I applied for, she would have immediately  alerted me to the resume issue I was having and I most likely would have gotten a ton more interviews. As you know, as soon as I had my a-ha moment last week, hella late in the game, I got an interview within an hour of applying. If I had told my mentor, way earlier in the game that I misunderstood the resume thing or replied, I have no idea what sort of crazy you are talking about re-writing my resume for each application, she would have clarified and I would have been doing it correctly all along. Instead, I was too ashamed that she would think I was too lazy to re-write my resume, I can be lazy, I just didn’t want to look at the monstrosity that is my work history any more.
This lesson works in the real world as well. When you land your dream job, and are in your first few months, this is the time you want to ask a lot of questions and be extremely clear about things you don’t understand. Don’t just sit there staring at the screen or avoid tasks because you think they will take too long to figure out and someone smarter than you will do it. At the end of the day, I didn’t need to reinvent my CV each time I applied to a role, it was just a simple copy and paste of the relevant tasks to the role I was applying for.

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The Job Hunt Hack I Brought To The Game That Continues To Work

I always try to ask for feedback from interviewers when they choose another candidate. I do this by sending a thank you email and in that email making it clear that as they grow their team, if they see a spot were I am a good fit I am interested. This is a great lead-in to asking them for any feedback they have for me.

Since I have this crazy obsessive love for what I do, I tend to present myself as excited and enthusiastic. I sincerely cannot wait to get back in the game in a collaborative workspace and I make this really clear. Most of the feedback I get is that although my technical skills are great, it is my enthusiasm that’s impressive. What this feedback does is leverage a connection with hiring managers that tells me they would love to keep me in mind for future roles WIN/WIN. Now, I can only speak for myself as to whether or not this is just talk (I like to think they are being sincere), but it’s great to know that something I already had in my personality left an impression on someone.


My Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge, besides procrastination, (which I got over really quickly in this process), is overcoming Imposter Syndrome. I have spoken a lot about this and you can review 30 Days To Dream Job’s archived posts to see mentions of when Imposter Syndrome got me down and how it derails me and many others. For more information on how to overcome it, I recommend 21 Ways To Overcome Imposter Syndrome 

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The Superpower I Gained During This Project

At the start of 30 Days To Dream Job, I was such a softy. I felt that asking a connection on LinkedIn to introduce me to a hiring manager they were connected with, was probably the most scary, invasive and embarrassing thing I was going to be forced to do. A month ago, the word networking looked like the word annoying to me. I would have never reached out to anyone I didn’t know or see daily, and moreover I would never let people know that I was looking for a job because I don’t like sounding desperate. So, who would have thought that this new superpower would not only become one of my favorite things about the job hunt, but one of the easiest as well. After all, who wants to spend an hour applying for a role where all your credentials and beautifully written cover letters go into the ‘portal of hell”? So, my new superpower is networking IRL and on the interwebs.

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Our 30 Days have ended but the dream continues.
The Dream of an open and collaborative workspace
The Dream of learning something new everyday and bottomless pretzel chips.
The Dream of an even bigger yacht…..stay tuned! Follow @codingover40 for more resources!



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