REPOST – 30 Days To Dream Job-Day 5

Day 5

Applications: 2
Networking: 1
Interviews: 0

Let’s talk about vacation.

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I took today off.
If you are under-employed, taking vacation seems ludicrous.
You feel
You say to yourself
-are you kidding?
-umm vacation from what?

Freelancing vacation guilt feels about the same. You send an OOO email saying you are unavailable and inevitably get an email with Subject Line “Everything Broke, we need you.”

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and bye bye vacation.

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Shit happens, I get it. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t take a day off. Vacation days when you are working in the freelance arena are tricky and it’s super, duper important to take one day off a week, at the very least, and regardless of where you are in your job search and project timeline.

When I take a day off I am still focused but I m focused on relaxing, recharging and genuinely doing things I love.

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Here is what I did on vacation today-not in any particular order.
Looked on The Muse at an article called ‘10 Crazy Flexible Companies That Understand You Need Freedom‘.
Read Wiki RESTful API for fun and info
Read ‘5 Small Things That Make Employers Leave Your LinkedIn and Never Come Back‘.

Zillow shopped for dream decor
Eclectic Patios
Mediterranean Patios
Romantical Patios
Listened to music WHILE on the computer on Jango
I am a musician type. Listening to music while working looks like this

Black and White Disney Gifs
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and I absolutely cannot concentrate on what I am doing while listening to music because duh, I am concentrating on the music.
Searched job boards on The Muse
Filtered emails.
Played the bass
Tuned the guitar with gStrings
Drank some wine, went to beach.
I was gonna go to the park but Outside Lands is happening and locals and pedestrians cannot get into the park with out an OL ticket.

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So what is the lesson for today? Vacations and Days Off are all about

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