30 Days To Dream Job-Day 2

Day 2 Stats

Applications: 1
Networking: 1
Interviews: 0

Day 2

I started off my day with an agenda and ended up ditching it and carefully “planning” my task switching gears. I love task switching it is such an underrated tool and keeps me from going insane.

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I mostly find myself switching to a new task when I am stuck. I woke up with a plan, but things happened.

  1. A job post went dark before I could apply.
  2. No bites from networking on Monday.
  3. We had some technical difficulties here on the site
  4. and I think my throat is starting to hurt.

Good news though, instead of going into Full Meltdown….I bulldozed through the day by task switching.

  • A job lead went dark so I switched tasks and replaced that application with another.
  • No networking bites….I RSVP’d to a Meetup to meet the Code For America Brigade at a Social in The Mission tomorrow night.
  • I had some technical difficulties here and had to fix stuff, instead of creating some unwarranted urgency to this task I switched it up and reclined in a prone position to listen to Joseph Clough.
  • and to avoid getting sick……. I sat at the park with Nia the Dog.
Nia the Dog at the Park
Nia the Dog at the Park

Sounds almost counter-productive right? It’s as if you will never complete one task fully. I also used to feel guilty because I thought I was being lazy. To the contrary allowing your mind to switch things up keeps you supercharged and moving forward. My dream job would be in an environment that includes switching tasks as needed while offering a definitive structure with collaboration and communication a must. I think of it as a little bit of Agile & a little bit of old school Waterfall. For other real world task management that is applicable there is a great course at Camp Pluralsight on Agile Fundamentals by Stephen Haunts that I highly recommend.

If you don’t want to lose momentum and go insane, switching tasks throughout the day is of the utmost importance. My very favourite switch I do every day is take Nia the Dog to Golden Gate Park. I sit and think for 1 hour and when my mind is clear I get back to work.

Make sure to give your genius a rest.

Here are some other things I do to recharge:

play mobile games. my current faves right now are Panda Pop and Covet Fashion.
design dream home in Autodesk Homestylr
Fork GitHubs
watch Property Brothers
dream shop for floating homes in Seattle on Zillow.
Sausalito, CA - 1
This floating home is in Sausalito.

When was the last time you truly highlighted your task switching skills when applying for your dream job? I would love to hear about it in the comments!
Day 2 done, it was a long one folks. See you tomorrow!

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