30 Days To Dream Job- The Waiting is the Hardest Part. 1

Applications: 2
Networking: 1
Interviews: 0

Day 21

Today I am very impatiently waiting to hear back from my Dream Job(s). Yes, I have a guardian angel and TWO Dream Jobs have come to me.

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Job 1~ I love and think I would be great at. I would be doing all the things I enjoy every day and taking the lead on a 3 month project that will produce some awesome results.

Job 2~ I adore this company so much, these are definitely my people. I was told that I am over-qualified for this role, and my resume would have gone into the bin had it not been for my networking skills.

As I sat this weekend, contemplating how excited I am to start working for a great organization in my dream job, I realized that I had fully exhausted myself. I had not taken time to do all the things I have been describing in these posts. I hadn’t been to the park in days, I definitely hadn’t been listening to my meditations and lastly, I have eaten a hard boiled egg, 1/2 a block of Humboldt Fog cheese on tortillas, a leftover yogurt, an over-ripe banana and some Swedish fish since Friday.

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I think I have fallen into that rut of being so driven to achieve my goal that I am neglecting the calm and peace I was enjoying as a grateful freelancer working from the luxury of a cafe or my home office. How am I going to get back to that feeling without exhausting myself?

Here is the Game Plan for this week.

More Time Daydreaming

less time worrying


More time being thankful and grateful for what I have now

less time focusing on what is missing



If you have spent the last few weeks working way too hard and wondering why you are beat… do these things with me and let me know in the comments how it has changed your perspective.

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One thought on “30 Days To Dream Job- The Waiting is the Hardest Part.

  • Cheryl

    I believe relaxation is the touchstone most people neglect or throw out when times are tough or when they are sprinting towards a deadline. My team launched a project this morning, since we got in early to launch, I asked my manager if we could take off early to recharge before our next milestone kicked off. He said, yes, and we scattered like ants on the scent of sugar.

    I took the train home, to avoid the stress of traffic and spent the afternoon leisure reading and catching up on shows. Later on this evening, I’ll workout to do something positive for my body and go to sleep early to be ready for weekend work.

    I love getting a “free day” during the week. These little breaks, working out, yoga and meditation are ways to recharge mentally and physically. Most importantly, I don’t feel guilty for taking time to recharge. When I do it, my mind is clearer and I can do a better job for my clients.