30 Days To Dream Job-The Syndrome

Applications: 1
Networking: 1
Interviews: 1

Day 15

Can we talk about Imposter Syndrome for a moment?
I read Kyle Eschenroeder’s  ’21 Ways To Overcome Imposter Syndrome all the time. Numbers 5 & 6 are of particular value to me.

We struggle with this crazy rabbit-hole syndrome often and today I had a massive breakout of Imposter S.

I was applying for this awesome role at a cool spot in the fashion & tech sector. If this role had an added music component It would be, by definition, my dream job.

I did my research, perused the blog and website, signed up for a free trial, dowloaded apps on my phone and read through their API documentation. I felt this role would be awesome for me because it involved updating content on all these channels and I was genuinely interested as the product was fun & cool and within my passion trifecta (fashion/tech/music).

I went to start looking for someone to connect with on their website’s Team Channel and it happened.
Faceplant (Star Wars AT-AT)

It was abrupt and it stopped me in my tracks. What made me breakout in an Imposter Syndrome rash was that, each and every team member in the SF office of this awesome org was impressive in an intimidating way. There were people that built robots in the past, people that play the banjo, medics, biotechs, Stanford grads, MIT educated….I pretty much let the inner voice in and it said ‘nope, no and yeah…no.”

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The problem was that the content manager role is perfect for me, and THEM.

……and I want to make it happen.

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6 hours later……….



It’s 2pm and I have written exactly 6 lines of a cover letter to this awesome org. This shouldn’t be this hard.

Here is the new game plan-

Work on Fashghan Whigs /60 Minutes.  It is part of my portfolio of work and it has been looking bad lately. Stupid updates.
I am going to chill with  Headspace /20 minutes
Write Cover Letter/45 minutes – describing how I’m a genius too dammit!

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