30 Days To Dream Job- The Sure Thing

Applications: 1
Networking: 1
Interviews: 0

Day 12

I want to share a lesson I learned last month with regards to becoming lackadaisical when you see your dream job on the horizon.

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In other words, when you land an interview and you know you have the job, what do you do until the interview time?

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Well first, there is some trickster implication in that sentence above. Can you see it? Right there where I say you know you have the job.

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I went on my first job interview with a company I love at the beginning of June. I got the job but it didn’t start until the end of the month.
I checked in one week before start date and was told all was good to go. The weekend before my start date, the recruiter sent me a message that the job was cancelled. What my mind heard was, I just lost my job. What happened was, I was mad at myself because I had stopped the job search and took 20 days off! How could I!?

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I learned a valuable lesson.
After I had been told I had the job, I was so freakin excited that after 3 years of self taught coding, I actually got a job coding at an awesome company. So of course all my brain cells went into “I’m HIRED’ mode. When I got the apologetic call from the recruiter that the contract had been cancelled all I wanted to do was get off the phone so that I could work on sending out more applications.

The reason I was so anxious was because for the 20 days I had a job, I did not continue my search. I basically said…COOL, I’m on vacation now, I better live it up cos I am going to be busy for the next 3 months.

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Because I hadn’t continued sending out job apps during this “verbal contract period”, I lost almost a month of potential dream job hires. I will never do that again.

With that said, I am in the position of interviewing with a dream company of mine. What I am not doing this time is waiting around doing nothing…oh wait, it’s the weekend! I will not sit around after Sunday, waiting….. I will continue my 30 Days To Dream Job journey until I have a signed offer letter in my hand.

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Take Away

Things happen, even when plans are laid out. You don’t need to live your life in fear of this and constantly preparing for it….that will just drive you mad and it isn’t conducive to living a life of happiness. What you can do, is prep really well for the dream job interview but keep doing what you are doing in the interim.
You just never know.

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Happy Friday everyone!!!

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