30 Days To Dream Job- The Mashup

Applications: 1
Networking: 5
Interviews: 0

Day 14

The Mashup was mentioned in the API workshop I went to last week and I wanted to talk about it here.

If the Mix Tape were the parent, the Mashup would be the child.

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In essence, a Mashup basically describes anything you do to mash two things together to make your job easier.



As I was brushing up on my skills to hangout at an Angular workshop today with the wonderful @AysegulYonet.  I decided this would be a Networking/Coding Mashup because here is where I was going to pair code and talk to people about what they do. There is always an introduction at the beginning of the workshop and I used this time to take note of the cool jobs people do and where they do them.

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Normally, I don’t stand in the food line and start asking attendees if they are hiring. However, today I was able to pick someone’s brain about what she does and how she got there. I did this with a few others and connected with them on LinkedIn. I am genuinely asking people what they do because I am interested, this was no different except today I also scored some leads as well. See how lazy I am? I have to mash everything together!

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That said today was where I got to do the things I love. Programming with other people, learning newer and better ways of doing things, picking up tips and tricks…..

I didn’t really swim with dolphins, but I would have mashed that in too!

This is how valuable Meetups and events are for me personally.

API Workshop
Relevant Starting Skills: HTML/CSS, Javascript, MVC
One Important thing I learnt: Always read the API documentation
One challenge: Overcomplicating things
Ending skills: API snippets-including, YouTube , Facebook Likes,  Google-o-Meter

Angular Workshop
Relevant Starting Skills: HTML/CSS, Javascript, MVC, API Snippets
One Important thing I learnt: binding, binding, binding.
One challenge: using the console log to catch syntax errors before going crazy when your code doesn’t work.
Ending skills: toggle, $scope, the fun of directives, catsagram.

What may not be obvious in the above list is that as I was learning new stuff, my starting skills were also being developed. This is why it is imperative I begin using this knowledge STAT, at my dream job on Necker Island.

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