30 Days To Dream Job- The Interview-Day 9

Day 9

Applications: 1
Networking : 2
Interviews: 1

I love interviewing!

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Interviewing is my time to shine. When I shake someone’s hand and ask them what the problem is they need solved I genuinely want to hear the information and I start to imagine how I would work to fix it. This usually lands me the contract and I love the work.

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Now, interviews aren’t quite like that are they?

You have the Skype interview, informational interviews, technical interviews, introductions, introductions to someone who knows the cousin of someone’s aunt….you get the picture.

A straight out of the gate Face to Face interview doesn’t happen that often and I found that out the hard way.

A good friend today had to pass me a side-project because he needs to study for an interview he has Monday.

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So here are a few tips and tricks from my recent interview experiences. I see you Fizz Buzz.

The Technical Interview

Speaking of Fizz Buzz, the coding challenge in a technical interview is usually step 2 after Skype, F2F, phone call or email. You will get a coding challenge, it will be really fun.
To practice, I suggest reading Eloquent Javascript. There are clear and concise coding exercises at the end of each chapter that make certain you grasp what you’ve read. Don’t rush through them and practice them a few times until they are second nature. Cool tip, even though the book is written for JS users, you can solve the problems in your preferred programming language.
If reading isn’t your thing and you like editing in a console.
I love places like Codecademy and Code School for brushing up on simple concepts you may have forgotten and for practicing muscle memory coding. Even if you only work on one concept, a day for an hour, you will retain your coding knowledge. These are places I go to take a mini fun break during task switching because they really are fun!

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My best advice is, don’t freak out when you get to the technical interview. I had my very first real-time, in person, not through email, not over the weekend technical interview when I was applying to a boot camp….. and I froze.


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So I already messed up for all of us, BTW, I didn’t die, people aren’t whispering about it a month later in tech circles, I haven’t been blacklisted. Pretty much, I did what anyone would do when faced with the combination of fear, imposter syndrome and negative self talk. So please, do not do any of those things when you interview.

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Just be yourself, ask what it is that you can do for this person, how can you help?
If you get a coding challenge in the technical interview, break it down by asking, what is the expected result or output of this, and work from there.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of the interview what tools do you use to prepare?

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