30 Days To Dream Job- The Art of Self

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Day 20

I have a really hard time admitting that the touchy-feely, universe, secret, meditation, hypnosis stuff actually works. I think I might have more of a hard time admitting that I use these tools. I find self growth to be a very private thing.

And here I am in public sharing mine but knowing that something is so freakin easy and not sharing is cruel so here are-

4 Steps to Being More Silent:

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Take a walk to the park, sit in the park, go to the beach. I think all my chill spots are in nature, but you can just as easily chill at the ballet or sit in an old quiet church , or put on headphones and sit at a cafe or go shopping


Sit for 5 minutes in a feeling of joy, it is recommended that you smile throughout the meditation. To be completely honest, I have only been able to do this for shorter than 3 minutes, far shorter.

Drink Water

I am actually not joking about this one. Which ever way you like to drink water, do it. Just look at what happened to Mad Max and his crew.

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I feel that this is open to interpretation. I cannot meditate, per theory of buddhist practice or even close to it. I can sit still with a clear mind, on a good day, for 2 minutes max. I have been practicing (and giving up) for years.
What finally worked for me was a combination of understanding quantum physics (the law of attraction), hypnosis- Joseph Clough and Mentorship <——Support systems are super important.


In another post here about Momentum  I describe some of the same steps in reaching my end goal. These strange mashup self help tools work really well for me.

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Bottom line, whether you are sitting in a FiDi office, a co-working space, or at your home office, prioritize time alone with your thoughts.



Peace out friends, it’s time for  Svengooli Saturday TV and Popcorn and Root Beer Floats.

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