30 Days To Dream Job-Lucky Day

Applications: 4
Networking: 2
Interviews: 1

Day 11

Quick Story-
I used to have a lucky day when I would send all my applications out. It was Sunday at 10pm, because in my head I was thinking, YAY, the hiring manager will get my email first thing in the morning on Monday! I’m a genius!

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The part that was reality was that my applications were going into the portal of hell, and unless the word cloud app I used broke through the wall, I was never going to hear from anyone.

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Applying for a role should be a process that includes:
Find a hiring manager on company website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google or wherever you can.
If you cannot find a hiring manager, look for any connections you have on LinkedIn with someone that works in your Dream Company.
Lastly, if you are unable to find a 1st connection on LinkedIn, find a 2nd and politely and respectfully ask for an introduction. (This has been so hard for me, I hate bugging people!) As you can see the further down the list you get, the more likely your credentials are going to be sent to no one.

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This probably doesn’t need to be said but, your first step in researching is to go play around on the company’s website.
Playing around can include, checking out their blog, making certain you know the product, signing up for a free trial of product, find a section that interests you most and read top to bottom. In my case, because I am super interested in API’s, I see if there is an API, and then I read through the documentation.

Best 2 research hacks I use:
1.) reading the company blog,
I read the blog because that will be the spot where the most real time news will be posted.
2.) and because I’m a developer, checking out the site in developer tools.
I check the dev tools because I want to see beautifully written code, or if it’s buggy, it gives me a great talking point in an interview.

I started my cover letter game this morning, only to find out about 40% of the roles I had penciled in to apply for, were filtered out for one reason or another. If I’m honest, I may have filtered them into the ‘no’ category because technically there were some skills I was not qualified to do (Ruby), and I also have an interview today with one of my dream companies and I am being reminded to only apply for roles I am excited about, not just because they fit my skills.

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It was an excellent Thursday.

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