30 Days To Dream Job-Kung Fu Panda

Applications: 4
Networking: 3

Day 25

Why is there a saying about Physician Heal Herself??

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Why is it that the most caring and nurturing people blush when you thank them or give them a party?

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I am not sure I can answer these questions for everyone but for me, it’s just the way it is.

I can give the best advice, but not trust my own instinct. I can pick out the best hi-fashion look for a friend on a first date, but I look like drunk Betsey Johnson when I go out.

And yet each and every time something goes amiss, I have that support system to pull me back to what the f&%$ck.

What is all this Kung Fu Panda stuff about lately? I thought this was a blog to tell me how to find my Dream Job 30 Days, it’s a good thing this is free!

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Yesterday, I had grand ideas of doing a lot of errands and a lot of work and I woke up and couldn’t move.

You heard me correctly. At my young age

I woke up yesterday with a pinched nerve and could not get up.

This was all the molecules around me telling me that today was not going to happen.
The last time I was laid up in bed all day was in 2005 when I had the Influenza of 2005.
I didn’t like this one bit.

It’s a simple lesson really.

When looking for your Dream Job read your own shit and follow it.
Unless of course you want this to happen to you.

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