30 Days To Dream Job- Infinite Loops and Catch 22

Applications: 1
Networking: 3
Interviews: 0

Day 22

Yes, there are those interviews where you may not have been a perfect fit for the role (it’s ok, it was a 3 month contract, my dream job is forever), but the feedback is invaluable.

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I’m going to share the best of the resources I got from feedback later…..

Part of the problem with fit is that there are technologies DIYers may not work with because
we need to work with them, in a role at work, on a project at work.

The infinite loop that haunted me in grad school as I was applying for internships is back.
You need experience to get experience to be experienced .

You knew this was coming.

Sometimes, a chance needs to be given and a chance will be taken and exceed expectations.

I know companies get this. But I am also aware they just need to get a problem solved quickly and that may make it a hard fit. However, I’d also like to pitch this. There are some things self-taught programmers do best…

  • find the answer to an issue anywhere
  • learn something new, quickly (talking to you angular)
  • find a bug that senior developers might miss as they have seen that same block of code 1 billion times in the last 15 years.

These are the things that code soloists can do, and do well.

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Ok, dismounting soapbox now.

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Onward with the Best of the Best in Senior Web Developer resources:

SquareFree Bookmarklets

I quite liked this old site here called Bookmarklets It is a quick reference and check out Javascript Shell….so freakin cool!

Media Queries for Mobile First

This was an interview question,
This CSS Media Queries is my next deep dive. I was given some good advice which is that even though WordPress automates everything, we should always check out what is cooking in frontend techniques used to create responsive sites.
I haven’t worked with @media but see it all the time in projects I work on, I know what it does and why it’s there (screen size, not device issues), that is about it. I would definitely brush up on this as it is used daily.

Also check out Code My Views perspective on mobile first and this article @Intercom 

I always want Coding Over 40 (COF) to be the best of the best resources/life hacks/tips/laughs so I hope that you find these tips from interview feedback helpful. Please share yours too!

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