30 Days To Dream Job- How To Keep Momentum & Not Burn Out.

Applications: 3
Networking: 1
Interviews: 2

Day 10

I just walked in the door from another fantastic Girl Develop It Meetup. As usual, this API course was just the glue I needed to pull it all together. GDI does a Front End Developer series curated by the awesome Pamela Fox.

Pamela is now the curriculum designer at Khan Academy
I am also taking Khan Academy’s Summer of Scripting, check it out.



So, about yesterday, I could not focus. All day it lasted.

I decided to listen to some Clough.
I call this my meditation, because my mind won’t stop going usually, until I am asleep. So I lie down and listen to the soothing Brit tell me I am going to be ok.


Sometimes, days like that happen. It takes me a minute to snap out of it. I try and remember that
– I used to have days like Tuesday every day when I was working somewhere I was bored and didn’t much care for their vision.

via @TheComminity

-Feeling guilty about being unproductive is such a waste of time and it gives you wrinkles.

via @thebabblingbox

-Life goes on even when you are having a crappy day. Momentum!!

via @Yvette Myers on Pinterest


-Never forget the things you did get done.

via @efilecabinet

About that last one. When I listed out the things I did do Tuesday (hooked up two networking introductions, interviewed for a side project, cleaned the oven, I amended my CV to add my project management skills and wrote 1.5 cover letters) I was surprised at how productive I actually was. So always look back through your day and focus on the things you did accomplish.

via @barbiehall

All of the above is to illustrate that, today is a new day and I am feeling nothing like the unproductive sloth I was yesterday which is great. However, the reason I am not feeling like crap today is because I kept moving forward when I wasn’t feeling it. Some days will just be like that.

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