30 Days To Dream Job-End Goal:Yacht

Applications: 1
Networking: 6
Interviews: 1

Day 17

I had so much to do this week.

FIRST. I need to send out more applications. Unfortunately I am not finding a lot of roles that qualify as Dream Job.

I would like to explain.

My mentor helps me to filter out roles that months ago I would have applied for simply because I wanted to supplement my freelance income, in other words, I needed a job. These roles were interesting but the mentor would often remind me, “Will this role get you to your end goal?”

I guess what is important here is to define my end goal.

End Goal:

To own a yacht and an island and work on all things web dev, WordPress and API’s from a remote location near this yacht and island.
To monetize my blogs:
Monetizing Coding Over 40 to be the space for self-taught programmers to get the best of the best resources to facilitate their passion for code.
Monetizing Fashghan Whigs to be a pay-per-click affiliate w/ Shopsense API and Pandora API.

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There it is in a nutshell. For example & hypothetically, I can accept a role as an EA at Pandora, which would be awesomesauce cos it’s Pandora and I have tons of EA experience, but how does that help me reach my goal of working on the beach as a web developer?
What to do?
What to do?

I go back to my end goal and ask myself, how will a role as an EA help me achieve this?

Unfortunately it won’t.

My dream job should include something I am passionate about and music is a passion and Pandora is a fantastic opportunity. However, unless there were a way for me to get hired in the EA role and then deftly move into an engineering role, this would not be a path to my end goal.
Do you see how something that seems so easy (stick to your end goal) can get a little convoluted?
Why am I mentioning all this stuff? I guess because for me, sometimes it’s hard to remember that there is, an end goal, and defining what that end goal is can change over time. I think the take away here is, don’t be a desperado…. stay thirsty and on point.

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