30 Days To Dream Job- Describing your Dream Job-Day 8

Applications: 2
Networking: 1
Interviews: 0

Day 8

Here is a nifty #BlogHack. Write your blogposts in Evernote, then if you run into technical difficulties, your work is relatively saved. Relatively because code will not copy/paste from Evernote to WordPress, but at least your text and html are saved.

I’m getting worried, which is the antithesis of my mantra


Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together by Lovelylovely
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I’m getting worried that I am not finding roles that I consider my dream job. I am applying for roles that I can do with a vengeance and passion but that I know will disappoint in the “sending me to Necker Island” portion of my wish list.

Sir Richard Branson relaxes on Necker Island with Moskito
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All the roles I am applying for are in orgs that are in line with my dream job; fashion, web dev tools, grassroots organisations, and cool apps and I get excited writing cover letters to express this.

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In fact I just wrote another novel of a cover letter and it took all day to edit. This was for a role I really dig, with a direct introduction to the hiring manager from a mentor. To edit this monstrosity, I decided to re-write my dream job on paper to help me and shhhhh I’m going to share with you.

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~ I catch an N to downtown, I grab a Blue Bottle coffee and head over to the office. I sit down at my fully impressive workspace complete with 2 monitors, a MacBook Pro, a wall mounted tv screen for collaborative programming, and a view of the bay. I seem to have my own sofa as well. Cool.
I grab some water for the dog and sit down to see if I have any urgent emails. I then look at tasks in Trello, to see which team needs help. I have several WordPress tasks, and some research requests. I happen to be the go to person for finding solutions to coding issues in developer forums. I start researching in Quora, Stack Overflow, and WordPress Codex. I answer a few questions in the forums and then find the answer I needed and check it off in Trello. I take a look at other research requests and determine they aren’t urgent so I get to work on top priority WordPress tasks. Some friends from the office want to go to lunch and work on the game app I pitched last week, so we head to a pub and spend lunch there. Back in the office after lunch, I complete the other WordPress tasks, and update Trello. I’m scheduled to lead a Meetup for Girl Develop It, so I start prepping for that. I leave for Meetup and am super excited for tomorrow’s research requests and tasks.

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Good things that happened today: I didn’t have to get out of my pjs.
Lessons Learned today:

Getting out of my own way.


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I heart you Kate Bush

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