30 Days To Dream Job- 99 Problems

Applications: 1
Networking: 0
Interviews: 1

Day 18

I used to think blogging would be my dream job. I could sit in my Dior pajamas and my fur, and write about stuff, like Carrie Bradshaw. I was good at writing, like Carrie, I was living life and writing what I experienced, like Carrie.
The time she went out on New Year's Eve and added a fur coat, sequin hat, and pristine white booties to her pajamas to run through a blizzard.

Moving forward to now. Yeah, blogging is freakin hard!! It’s hard to be snarky all the time. It’s hard to find things that I think people would want to read about. Sometimes my days are just days at the ofiice, boring, same old same old and booooooring.

So yeah, that was my day yesterday. That is why this post is late. Shit happens.
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XOXO, and stay tuned for updates about interviews. Wish me luck!!

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