30 Days To Dream Job-George Michael had Faith.

Applications: 2
Networking: 3
Interviews: 0

Day 24

Faith is the topic for today.

I seem to have a really hard time doing the things that are facile in this process. There are tasks I consider to be lazy and sort of soft that I have been given to do. They are:

  1. Daydreaming a life of chill
  2. Having Hope, because it is the only thing stronger than fear.
  3. Faith that everything works out.


These are problems for me because the notion of idle hands was ingrained in my head at a very early age. And I personally have some glitch in my brain that doing nice things for myself is wrong, unless I deserve them.

So when I am told by people I respect and adore that I need to do more stuff, that to me, isn’t the stuff to land me my dream job (i.e. not work) I have a hard time understanding it.

But here is the conundrum. I think that these flighty tasks, daydreaming? really? are NOT part of the process, when in fact they are the only part of the process I have control over.

So even though I promised that I would do all these things several days ago, I was talking’ smack. I didn’t do any of them and my fate was sealed. I burnt out again. REALLY burnt out and I lost all hope that this project was going to be successful.

All these cliches, so little time, and here is what I did.

My Daydream (is it just me or does anyone else think Sonic Youth when they see the word Daydream?)



I hope you practice these things daily. I am here to let you know as ridiculous as it sounds when you are on the job hunt, these little feel good tasks are absolutely necessary and not as little as we think.

Let me know in comments what you do to daydream, have hope and faith.

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