30 Days To Dream Job-Day 7

Day 7

Applications: 0
Networking: 2
Interviews: 0

I spent Sunday putting out fires.

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I wanted to do so much and had a neat little list of all the things I wanted to do for a little re-design of Coding Over 40. Here it is:
Make Single Blogpost Landing Page
Change Contact Form
Retitle each Blog Post with a catchy line
fix whatever is wrong with Jetpack
Create child theme to update Customizr

It was that last item on my To Do that got me. After reverting my sight back to normal after the Theme Update debacle, I went to my engineering mentor to help me fix why I now couldn’t find my unzipped Child theme documents in my FTP. We surmised that it is mapping files issues so I fixed all of that and then started the file transfer. -For those of you who might be reading this thinking

FTP Clients and file transfers are, in their most basic terms, a way for you to copy your entire website onto your desktop so when you make changes you aren’t corrupting the parent theme.

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Everything was cool right?

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It was all broken. My site was gone with a fatal error message, and I couldn’t login to the back end.

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After hours of google searching my error messages I found out that today must be the day that everyone in my Plug-In, Apps, and WordPress world decided to send out updates. It has been said to me by Web Developers in the business to never, ever, ever, update WordPress and especially themes. Though it is best practices in the real world, it will notoriously break your site. Mine was broken until just about 10 minutes ago-12 hours after I woke up with a fantastic to-do list that I was super excited to work on.

What can I say about today, and this weekend’s worth of technical glitches?
1.) Thank goddess for mentors.

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2.) I’m getting pretty good at this staying calm in the face of whyyyyyyyy thing.

Highlights From Dennis Quaid's Furious On-Set Meltdown
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3.) Keep pushing forward. You never know what is just around the corner. I hope in my case it is a margarita.

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