30 Days To Dream Job-Day 6

Day 6

Applications: 0
Networking: 0
Interviews: 0

I wrote this great post yesterday on taking vacation and days off. I sent it to post on all my social media. Then I went to checkout my annoying WordPress plugin notification button, and saw that my theme needed updating so I clicked to update and..

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Then I went full on….

21 Things You're Only Afraid Of If You Live In Philly
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My site was broken and looked like it came straight out of 1996.

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The irony of this whole thing was, I had planned a quick redesign of the site this weekend and one of the tasks was to have each Day of 30 Days To Dream Job show up as a single web post on landing. The new broken site definitely had one blog post up, complete with my humongous picture,horrible styling, and fonts from hell. AND, the whole skin was day glo green….albeit my signature color …but only as a highlight, not the whole experience.
I immediately reverted my site back 24 hours on Dreamhost (one of my favourite fixes told to me by my engineering mentor), and my site was back to normal but Day 5 was gone.
I wanted to know why the update of my theme caused my site to go ape-shit and it became completely clear when I read the error message, I neglected to create a child theme. Yup, I did that.

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It gets worse. I had written that whole Day 5 post about the necessity of taking days off and vacation and recharging and I was figuratively eating my own words. Every mistake I made was coming back to haunt me because I didn’t take my own advice. I worked and I networked and I worked some more last week and when it came time for me to do something that is supposed to be second nature, I broke all the websites.

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Here is something interesting, when I created this blog, I didn’t know one single thing about WordPress. I think I read a book on html back in 1994 but that was about all I knew about creating websites. I googled stuff and then I paid for a few years membership on Dreamhost, went to WordPress, picked a theme, followed the directions and poof…I had a blog. I never read about best practices, I was never concerned about updates not working and since I wasn’t changing any of the styling, I definitely didn’t worry about a child theme.

Needless to say, I am now relegated to creating directories in my FTP, importing the folder and nothing is working. I can’t locate my directory, my terminal is acting up and Filezilla is messing with me due to a recent update. These are the sorts of issues that I like, yes, I said like…because when I figure it out, I can do the programmers chair dance.

I will work out how to fix this! I will find out why everything that is supposed to be working (FTP, plugin, updates, WordPress) isn’t working.


I got this!

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Here’s the lesson. This is the type of thing that happens in real life (IRL), and as I take inventory of how I react to stuff like this, I always remember…no babies died™  My reaction? I can’t wait to figure this out, without freaking out.
I will post how I fixed these issues later, however…Please do not do this! Always, Always, Always have your child theme in wp-content/theme-name_child (NO SPACES!). Otherwise you will need to do it the way I am now doing it…. and it blows.

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