30 Days to Dream Job-Day 4

Day 4 Stats

Applications: 2
Networking: 4
Interviews: 1

Follow ups are awesome. Full disclosure here, today was my first time doing serious follow ups. I have been passively on the job hunt while freelancing so I never understood the importance of follow ups. This is why it’s good to have a mentor. Mine reminded me of why this is an important game changer to the dedicated dream job hunter.

Part of my issue and fear of following up is that I hate bothering people.

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Even when I was given a clear and professional template of how a follow up email should look, I couldn’t get past the inner voice in my head acting out the recipient’s disdain to yet another email from this “Patricia” person. Here is how I overcame that today.

    1. Brevity is the root of all things follow up.
    2. Remember you are actively seeking a job, this NEEDS to happen, so being afraid of bugging people isn’t going to move you in the right direction.
    3. Follow up once, then move on. Forget the old saying “if you keep bugging someone that will let them know you are interested. More than one follow up in a week is bordering on desperation and you don’t want to be that guy.

I was told a story about a candidate who was super excited to be interviewing at his dream company that rhymed with Snapple.


He was so excited in fact that he actually freaked the committee out with his excitement. I can relate. There is definitely a fine line between being excited and being downright obsessed. Excitement means you can speak to why you are great for a role and that is why you are following up. Creepy is crying as you are asked to bring a Gatorade to Swifty.

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A good reminder of how brief follow-ups should be is to set aside 10 minutes each per follow up. I actually set aside 1 hour for 6 follow ups today on my calendar. I set my Harvest App timer because I like to time tasks I haven’t done before so I can see how long they will take me in the future. This is actually a great hack for web devs who charge by the hour and need to know how long a task takes. So the hour I set aside translated into 48 minutes. If I can do it, you can do it too!

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via @Nike

Stay tuned, we’ll blog about taking days off next!

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