30 Day To Dream Job-Buster & The Egg Rolls

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Day 23

I was applying to a role today that had me read an article called ‘What Is Code‘, and that took me all day so….

With that said, read the article because OH MY GOD. It’s long so it might take you a few hours to get through it. Well worth it.


Someone I met the other day was telling me stories about her dog dying and egg rolls. I’m not sure why I was picked. She had pictures, and they were mildly strange. It made me think, what is my lesson with death in this strange meeting?

Things Laid To Rest 2015

  • Working at a job I loathe
  • Friends I have outgrown
  • Cigarettes
  • My Favorite Converse
  • Learning Ruby
  • Listening to negative people

Anyway, you get the picture. I think this was why I was chosen to listen to this poor lady tell me about her dog Buster and egg rolls.

Where does the egg roll come in? Well, this lady had taken Buster the dog for a last walk, and she wanted some egg rolls. When he smelled them, he chowed down, last meal, as he lay dying. Then he was laid to rest in Daly City. No kidding.

Ok, now that I have shared my morbid-ish meeting with Buster The Dog’s person-
The Cover Letter writing game has become easier. I’m facing the fact that the hard work I do on my game is being noticed as I am getting interviews. However, as an addendum from yesterday’s post, The Catch 22 Infinite Loop issue still exists.

I am in love with coding. When I go to hackathons and sit side by side with fellow geeks and cool ass mentors (Google, Twitter, IndieGoGo, GDI, WWC, Microsoft, Khan Academy), I am in my element. My favorite thing to do is collaborate with designers and data freaks. These specialists know stuff I don’t and it fascinates me. The reason I bring up this passion is that I also am aware that I need to start my new career somewhere. I have chosen to be patient and land that job in my dream company. For me, I think the best place for me to start is in the platform. I am excited about web producer roles and helpdesk stuff related to the orgs platform.
I am ready!

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