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We have come upon the moment where I am overwhelmed and don’t have a solution. Which is scary and odd for me. I am still in Bootcamp, I have an awesome freaking job, I have a passion for coding and yet I often feel like I wonder if I am […]

Memoirs of A Jr Dev – Stuck

As most of you who follow COF know, I have absolutely no shame when it comes to blogging about stuff I’ve never done before in programming AKA things that are new to me. When I learn from a mistake I inevitably will make, I am certain to document it here […]

Memoirs Of A Jr. Dev

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I was so grateful this week to learn a brand new concept (to me) via my awesome coworkers. I should just call them mentors cos JEEZ. I was reviewing a PR and wanted to know about the super call I saw in a method. So, I reached out to the […]

Memoirs Of A Jr Dev

2016 Rio Olympics - Athletics - Final - Women's 100m Hurdles Final - Olympic Stadium - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 17/08/2016. Gold medallist Brianna Rollins (USA) of USA (C), silver medallist Nia Ali (USA) of USA (R) and bronze medallist Kristi Castlin (USA) of USA (L) hold up the U.S. flag.  REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson 4
When I started blogging here at COF, I literally had nothing to talk about except my struggles, challenges complaints-whatever you want to call everyday life when you are changing careers, looking for work and attending bootcamp all at the same time. I was told 2 things by someone very important […]

Struggles and Solutions

United States' Michelle Carter competes in the final of the women's shot put during the athletics competitions of the 2016 Summer Olympics at the Olympic stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday, Aug. 12, 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)
I struggled with this week’s post because I had so much to talk about. I voluntarily worked 10 hour days, mostly due to a broken search feature that generated an unprecedented amount of urgent bugfixes, and a busted MySQL config that had me reinstalling my OS~GAWD! Good news? I didn’t […]

Memoirs of a Jr. Dev

I’m back! Sorry for the delay. The last 2 weeks have been full of learning! I have so much to tell you all. If I’m being honest, it’s more like I am learning something new every hour as opposed to each week. So stay tuned for tons of helpful content. […]

Memoirs of a Jr. Dev

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When someone has taken a huge chance on you and has the confidence that you and only you are the right person for the job, this is both a blessing and scary thing all in one. As a blessing, it validates the fact that someone OBVI knows something you don’t […]

Memoirs of a Jr. Dev

This week was pretty exciting! Not only did I realise the stuff I’m learning is new and fun, but as I document it, I can look back on this and see that by December( that is my goal), what used to take me days to complete will be diluted to […]

Memoirs of a Jr Dev

I’m gonna like this new series. It’s going to document all the things I do, on a weekly basis at my bomb ass job. Names changed to protect the innocent. Let’s begin. I wrote my first Factory this week. And by “wrote” I mean, I copied the Factory directly above the Factory […]

Memoirs of a Jr. Dev